FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

We receive many daily emails, and we would like to reply all of them, even if this is not always possible, and sometimes it takes longer than expected.

Many of these emails have the same subjects, so we have created these FAQs that answer most of the common requests.

Can I exchange link with Car Body Design?

If you think your website is a valuable resource, related to the car design sector or to one of our directory’s categories, please send us a request with some information about it.
Please consider that we try to keep the quality of our external links as high as possible. If a resource can be of interest for our readers, we don’t even ask for a reciprocal link, which is always welcome, of course.

Please consider also that we receive many link exchange requests, so it can take us a long time to reply. But, for websites that are really of interest, we usually reply within a few days.

If you don’t receive a reply, please don’t submit the same request again and again. We save every message and, from time to time, when we update the directory and its categories, we reconsider the received requests.

Can I send my project to Car Body Design for publication?

If you want, you can send us your project as an email attachment.
Anyway we would like to clarify that we cannot guarantee the publication of the project. In order to have an idea of the quality required please visit our “New Designers” section.

For the publication we need a number of images (minimum 800×600 pixels resolution good-quality Jpeg format) and a textual description of the project. Work-in-progress images, software screenshots, info on techniques and methods used can represent a welcome addition.

If you have large files, please contact us and we will set up a temporary FTP space for you.

For further information, please don’t hesitate to contact us directly.

Can I send my single sketches/drawings for publication?

We are evaluating a “Portfolio” section which will include both design students and professionals, with links to external websites/portfolios or – if not available – to internal portfolio pages hosted by Car Body Design.

Please be advised that we will not include a “Beginner” section for the moment, so we cannot guarantee the inclusion in our database. To have an idea of the quality required please visit our “New Designers” section.

Can I send my sketches/drawings for review/suggestion?

We usually don’t comment on the sketches/works received by email. We think this isn’t our job. If you are looking for suggestions we advise you to register and post your sketches in one of the following online communities:

All of them have among their members many design students and – sometimes – professionals who share comments and ideas on work-in-progress and finished works.

Can I send my CV/resume to Car Body Design?

If you want, you can send us information about your education and/or career. Anyway please consider that we don’t forward the received CVs to external Companies/Design Studios.
When we are aware of available car design job positions we always post an announcement on Car Body Design’s Homepage.

Can I use the images on Car Body Design for my project/work/job?

Almost all of the images on Car Body Design are copyrighted by their respective owners, typically car manufacturers and design companies. In this case they are usually free for editorial purposes, anyway you need to contact the owners in order to receive the authorization for their use.

When we publish an original project, the related images are copyrighted by the author who gave us the authorization for the publication.

If you need any information about a specific image and/or its legal owner, please contact us specifying the requested picture.

If these FAQs don’t answer your question, please send us an email with your specific request.

Thank you,

Car Body Design Staff

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