Joining Technologies

Resistance Spot Weldability of High Strength Steel (HSS) Sheets for Automobiles

Resistance spot welding technologies of high strength steel (HSS) sheets were investigated in order to get high reliability in welded-joints of automobile components. Suitable welding current range shifted to lower currant side by the effect of electric resistance increase of steel sheet and the width of this range was affected by electrode force. Vickers hardness […]

Adhesives – Conversion of Passenger Cars to Commercial Vans

Innovative Structural Adhesive Approach for Car Manufacturing

Innovative Structural Adhesive Approach for Car Manufacturing

Multi-material design is a clear trend towards achieving optimum lightweight results without compromising on crash safety. Structural adhesive bonding as a joining technique now creates the chance for another route in modern car manufacturing.

Self-Piercing Rivets Self Awareness

Self-Piercing Rivets Self Awareness

Aluminum, or aluminium if you prefer, was first discovered in the early 1800’s and produced in quantity in 1824. By the turn of the century, aluminium was being reliably cast, rolled and formed. Automakers quickly discovered its attributes and it has played an important roll in automobile construction ever since. Aluminum has been used for […]

Understanding the common difficulties of feeding in MIG welding aluminum

Friction Stir Welding

Blind Fastener Inflation for Structural Joining of Aluminum

Progettare con gli adesivi: una risorsa per ridurre i costi e migliorare il prodotto

La saldatura all’interno dei profili estrusi in leghe di alluminio: effetti sulla resistenza e la qualità superficiale.

Proper Aluminum Weldments

Proper Aluminum Weldments

When designing with aluminum, engineers must not base decisions on prior experiences with steel, or with any other material. Alloy selection, joint design and welding-process selection should all be functions of the base material.

Saldabilità mediante Friction Stir Welding di materiali compositi a matrice di alluminio

Advanced Joining Technologies for Light-weight Structures

Aluminum Soldering – A new look

Adhesively Bonding Plastic Structural Components in Automotive Applications

Pulse Bonding of Aluminum Structures

Visualization of the Material Flow in AA2195 Friction-Stir Welds Using a Marker Insert Technique

Friction Stir Processing of Advanced Materials

Laser Welding


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