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  • NITC Automotive Design Centre

    It is a commercial unit, situated in the Northern Ireland Technology Centre, that provides CAD, CAE and Rapid prototyping services to engineering companies.
  • Highlander Concept Rendering

    Studio founded by Travis Highlander which offers automotive design and illustration services, with the goal of pre-visualizing custom vehicles using hand sketching, digital painting and CAD modelling.
  • Car Design Research

    Founded in 2000, Car Design Research is an agency that works in the space between design, product and brand, undertaking research projects to usefully inform clients’ creative projects.
  • Kolb Technology

    Kolb Technology GmbH, based in Hengersberg (Germany), manufactures and supplies industrial plasticine and milling systems for producing prototypes in the automotive sector.
  • Design Q

    Design Q is a design consultancy that creates unique design solutions for the transport sector: aeroplane interiors, luxury cars, motorbikes and super yachts. It offers a specialist industrial design and styling service in addition to full electronic 3D definition and cabin walkthroughs.
  • Technicon Design

    With facilities and studios located on three continents, Technicon Design offers a range of design solutions and can deliver full-service design projects from start to finish. It also offers services in two additional design businesses – Recruitment and Academy Services.
  • Tebis

    Tebis is a software company that develops CAD/CAM systems for tool, die and mold manufacturing mainly for the automobile and aircraft industry. Customers include automakers and their subcontractors from the styling, model making, tool and mould manufacturing sectors. Services include installation, training and support.
  • Motorcity Europe

    Motorcity Europe is a full Automotive Design resource, offering Automotive and Product Design, Full Design Team coordination, and product implimentation. Clients include most major European and Asian OEM’s. Creative Support, Studio Services, and Digital Visions.


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