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  • Speed and Design

    Speed and Design is a community dedicated to handmade car drawings and renderings. Features include sketch galleries, portfolios, tutorials and monthly internal contests.
  • Clay Chat

    Online community for professional clay modellers.
  • Designerspace

    Car designers portfolios and resumes.
  • Car Design News Forums

    Car Design News hosts the largest designers community and a comprehensive list of forums about car design related subjects: Design Technique, Design Schools, Design Contests, Sketch Groups, Digital and Clay Modeling.

    Filter Foundry is a Social Network Marketplace for designers and creative professionals. The platform allows its members to showcase and maintain projects, connect to paid work, market, promote, collaborate on projects, teach and learn industry knowledge.
  • Product Design Forums

    The mission of ProductDesignForums is to let the interaction among designers flourish in both quality and quantity. Free registration is required to participate in the discussions.


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